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Julie, Ken & Max B.

Don and Shannon,

We want to thank you so much for taking care of Miss Lola! You did a beautiful job with her bath and nails! We’ve never seen her so clean!

Thank you kindly.

Monty and Jim

I am very pleased that neighbors referred us to the Dog Den for assistance in training our silver standard poodle puppy, Monty. I have used professional training help in the past with other dogs, but our experience with Don has been exceptional! He has made the training process simple, with relatively few commands and most importantly, he has taught me how to conduct myself in order to get very positive results from Monty. A few sound rules, consistency of approach and plenty of praise are a wonderful prescription for a successful training effort. Thanks Don from Monty and Jim.

Joyce L.

Don – It is a pleasure to know and work with you! Thanks for all the valuable help and advice. You are a game changer for our family!
All the best here in Arvada

Chris & Rick

Dear Don, Shannon, Anna & Dax,
Thank you for 10 years of doggie group class! Good luck to you in your new adventures in Arvada!

The Summit County Animal Shelter

Dear Don, Shannon and Staff,
You guys are “Rock Stars”!! Words do not express our deep appreciation for your training support of our shelter critters and all you do for our community animals. Thanks for all you do and being such delightful community partners.

Abbey, Shelly and Arnie

Just wanted to let you know that I just turned one year old on January 10 and miss you and the Saturday sessions. I will be back in town in mid-May and at time will be rejoining the group. In the meantime, I have been a very good dog but I miss the scenery and all of my bid dog friends in Summit County. Here in Arizona most of the dogs are small ankle biters. Enjoy the winter and we will see you in a few months.

Anita B.

I look forward to class and so does Trio. Thanks for all your good instruction.

Summit County Animal Shelter

On behalf of the staff and all the critters at the Summit County Animal Shelter, Thank you so much for your hugely generous donation of $700! Your support will go to our humane education program, focusing on issues of safety, compassion, and behavioral education in out Summit Schools. You both ROCK! It is such a gift to have you in our community.

All your friends at the Summit County Animal Shelter

Thank you so much for your donation. Your generous gift certificates were a big hit! Our fundraiser was a great success thanks to kindhearted people like you.

We thank you and the animals thank you. With appreciation and gratitude,

Chris B.

Charlie is not barking!!!! What type of Leprechaun Magic did you use???
Thank you!!!

Gary, Ivy and Stickers

Don – Well, saying farewell to you is harder than sending our kid off to college! You are terrific and we will miss you terribly. We haven’t even gotten up the gumption to tell Stickers yet. She’s a 5 STAR dog and that is due to your ongoing influence in her life. Wish we could tell you to “Sit”, “Stay”!!!
With hugs and best wishes for killer success in your new business venture in Arvada!

Don & Cindy McCoy, and of course, Baxter Black

Congratulations Don!! We are very happy for you and your new adventure in Arvada!!! We will miss you, the group class, and your advice and insight! Keep in touch, we want to find out about your new “digs” (so to speak).

Melanie and Jim

Don – Jim and I want to thank you for opening early for us on Saturday! You saved us! Ben and Brody thank you too! Enjoy your summer with your beautiful family!

Darby and Dash

Thanks for all the help. Dash is turning into such a nice guy.

John P.

We have been loyal customers of the Dog Den for a year and a half and cannot say enough positive things about Don and Shannon. It is the first time that we have ever been totally comfortable leaving our dogs in someone else's care. The facility is incredibly clean, well laid out with plenty of play room and sunshine and anytime you are there, the dog's are happy, playing not locked up in kennels.

Jean and Don N.

Don Drogsvold's services as a dog trainer "extraordinaire" has turned what could have been a very unhappy dog-owning experience, in our household, into a happy one. Having owned big dogs all our lives, we decided to go "one bigger" when moving to Summit County. What we didn't realize was our large breed dog would be much too strong and willful for us with our limitations as senior citizens (one slightly handicapped). We attended puppy classes but we needed more training and tried a couple resources.